Areas of Study

Archaeology Program in Rome, Italy

History Program in Rome and Pompeii, Italy

Focused on curriculum-driven visits to archaeological digs and featuring a lecture and Q&A lead by a professor of Archaeology from a University in Rome, this program provides students with a comprehensive classical study of Rome and Pompeii.

Language Program in Salamanca, Spain

Language Program in Salamanca and Madrid, Spain

Allowing time for daily language workshops with local instructors, regular assessments, optional homestays and many opportunities for community involvement, this program provides a quick and engaging immersion into the Spanish language.

Literature Program in Galway, Dingle and Dublin, Ireland

Literature Program in Galway, Dingle and Dublin, Ireland

Concentrating on key influencers to the Irish Literature movement, so deeply embedded in Irish culture, this program allows students to tour the dramatic Irish landscape while studying various Irish texts and enjoying lectures by professionals in the field.

Theatre Program in London, England

Theatre Program in London, England

Backstage tours of some of the world's most influential theatres, performances featuring leading actors in the community, and master classes in many theatrical disciplines combine to form this program. A blend of hands-on study and observation provides students with an enhanced understanding of the field of theatre.

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